René van Hees

Chief Software Engineer, Thales

How the collaboration started
HR director Christa already believed firmly in investing in employees’ personal development. The rapid rate of change makes this even more necessary these days. "The average age at Zanox is 29 years old. For a lot of employees this is their first ‘Real’ job after qualifying, so they are youngsters with limited work experience. We were looking for a practical, down-to-earth program in commercial support, which would help them understand each other and their customers. We chose How because they were able to clearly explain to us how their method works. They weren’t at all vague, but very practical."
  • Personal leadership
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Custom made programs
  • Organizational change
  • Incompany
  • Team development
The atmosphere in How Company workshops always feels safe, so participants feel comfortable to open up to whatever they can learn.
Every year Zanox organizes an internal training workshop in collaboration with How Company, based on requirements identified during the round of the employee evaluation meetings. In 2013 How Company ran workshops on negotiation skills and communication, and in 2014 a workshop on advising skills was added. Meanwhile a newly launched Management Development Program (involving assignments, workshops and coaching) supports fresh managers in their new role.
"I am impressed by the How workshops and my colleagues likewise. After each workshop they come away with clear, practical insights that allow them to correct and apply immediately. The How trainer for our programs is a lady you can’t mess with, and she understands how our business works." As a result of the workshops Christa also noticed that colleagues became more honest with each other, and more willing to give feedback, so that issues were rapidly acknowledged, discussed and solved. That way the atmosphere stays clean, both internally and with customers. "It has increased the level of self awareness in the company, because the programs address both your relationship with others and the relationship with yourself. When things don’t work people are now asking themselves "what is it I’m thinking or doing that’s holding me back, and what can I do differently? Once you have that clear for yourself it is easier to move forward."
About Zanox
Zanox is an online performance-advertising specialist, charging clients only for results achieved. The Zanox network ensures the best match between advertisers and publishers, offering an optimal customer experience.