Eldert Hoogeboom

Director, Rolls-Royce Marine

How the collaboration with How Company started
Eldert Hoogenboom, director at Rolls-Royce Marine Benelux B.V., was facing some internal communication challenges and spoke to the people in the Rolls Royce training center to look for a company who could help. “The internal communication and in particular the attitude of various people in the team was having a negative effect on the atmosphere. This often lead to heated discussions with very little room for each other’s opinion.”
  • Personal leadership
  • Communication
  • Custom made programs
  • Incompany
  • Team development
People’s eyes have been opened. On the work floor people are now treating each other with far more respect and consideration.
The training center invited How Company to join them in looking for possible solutions. After several intake conversations between Eldert and the trainer it was agreed what the key points were that needed working on, and they to decided to tackle them with a Communication For Excellence program. Two groups followed this 3-day program at an external location.
The participants in the program showed that they were willing to look at things from a different angle. For many the practical tools created clarity. “The insights about how to turn problematic discussions into growth for the team were very useful.” The culture changed noticeably after this. “We have become one team and we also behave like it. That is thanks to this program. It’s not enough to talk about a culture shift; if together you go through the experience of what that means, it really helps to get everyone on the same wavelength.” The goals Eldert had hoped to achieve with the training were achieved within a short intensive period following the program.
About Rolls-Royce Marine Benelux B.V.
Rolls Royce is a leading international company delivering innovative “Power Solutions” to international customers. Rolls Royce has a broad product portfolio and is market leader in each of its four worldwide business units (Aerospace, Defence, Marine, Energy). Rolls-Royce Marine Benelux B.V. in Pernis is part of the international sales and service network of the Rolls-Royce Marine Division, with 40 offices in 32 countries.