Patricia Surendonk

CEO, Burg Group

How the collaboration started
Patricia had heard positive reports about How Company from various different sources. “We were aware that we weren’t getting the best out of each other in the Management Team. Particularly when it came to openness and willingness to listen to each other in discussion we saw we had lessons to learn.” All the MT members of the Burg Group took the Communication For Excellence. “There is definitely a difference now in the way we handle situations. We are all more aware of our own role, and of what another needs to be able move forward. In meetings we listen better, and are less quick to jump to conclusions and get defensive.” After this noticeable shift it was a logical step for Patricia to invite How Company to be part of strategic discussions to help them define the wanted core spirit of the company.
  • Personal leadership
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Custom made programs
  • Incompany
  • Team development
The process of working out, discussing and agreeing on an identity we all stood behind created commitment within the management team. What is more, it also created clarity and focus for the rest of the organization.
The 4-person management team spent two days with the trainer, working on the identity, vision and values. Patricia: “This was something we had been talking about for two years, and after two days we were done. We had a solid document that we all stood behind 100% and above all, which would serve as a practical foundation for the day-to-day culture.”
The first step of the two-day session was to create clarity around what was and wasn’t working. Both within the organization and for each individual personally. The next step was to go from this to create the wanted identity, in the form of a vision and values. “We are now clear again on what we stand for as an organization, what that means practically and what direction we want to take.” About How Company she says, “What we have with How Company feels like a true partnership. They are more than a training bureau – they are all-round sparring partners helping us move forward. They do this with openness, trust, professionalism and a passion for helping people grow.”
About Burg Group

Burg Group is a leading European producer and distributor of fermented vinegars, syrups and household cleaning fluids. In cooperation with their business partners and with their extensive market knowledge they offer innovative and sustainable solutions. Their economical use of materials and energy allows them to offer highly competitive prices.