René van Amersfoort

Director, vABC

How the collaboration with How Company started
In 2001 René van Amersfoort started his company vABC, a consultancy company in the food industry. In 2011 there was an explosive growth in his organization that required a different way of working and managing in his managerial role. René is driven to let people in teams get the most out of themselves. After having followed several training courses at renowned training agencies, a friend advised him to do the Communication for Excellence training from How Company. At first René was somewhat skeptical about this: "Who can teach me something after all those trainings ?!" The opposite turned out to be true; both professionally and personally, the training has brought him so much that he not only offers this for every new colleague, but also advises his customers to do the training.
  • Personal leadership
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Custom made programs
  • Organizational change
  • Incompany
  • Lean and Agile
When one of my people comes back to the office after the Communication for Excellence, this gives a lot of energy and pulls our organization further forward.
Every new colleague follows the Communication for Excellence training as the start of his or her career at vABC. René: "Knowledge about processes are already there. By listening and responding to the needs we get to know each other, but also understand our customers better." This training allows you to look at things in a different way, according to René. By reflecting on how the other works and what he or she needs, instead of simply giving gas, you can more easily achieve your goals. vABC actively seeks cooperation. That is why they regularly connect their customers to How Company. "Because we often work on projects with clients, we have noticed that it helps if we speak the same language. Then you will experience that the contact runs smoother when they have also followed a training at How Company".
"We have noticed that we can implement improvements more quickly and that there is a real connection with each other and with our customers. We can easier solve issues. "At VABC, the colleagues themselves determine, among other things, their own holiday hours and salary. This requires a considerable amount of responsibility. "If people do what they are good at, then people take responsibility." More letting go, letting people take initiatives and letting them do it in their own way is something René has learned during the follow-up program Leadership for Excellence. As a result, the companies result is much bigger and there are many more initiatives coming from the team, in which people take responsibility. This gives him more time for other things. René says about the trainers of How Company: "They really know how to get to you and that goes much further than just the explanation of theory. They are really focused on people. The personal attention during the training is very valuable."
About vABC
vABC works within the industrial food industry to optimize processes, tackle bottlenecks and find opportunities. vABC focuses on consultancy, training and supplies software that is compatible with this.