Internal train the trainer

How Company trains their own trainers
Our training is given by the very best trainers. Do we dare to say that? Yes! We train them ourself, precisely because we do not want to compromise on quality. Of course we don’t mean there are no good trainers in other places. But we want our trainers and coaches to live our ideas and material. We call that 'Walk the Talk'. To meet that principle, everyone follows the training first. This is followed by an intensive process of several years, in which personal development and taking on personal challenges are central. The result shows in the way all our trainers stand in front of the room: authentic and assertive. Assertive because questions are asked that make people think and authentic because it comes from the heart.

Wanting to make the difference
Although our trainers vary enormously in style and character, there are some things they all have in common.
• Our trainers want to make a difference to our customers
• They all want to create win-win situations
• They have an eye for people and they all want to work in a human organization

They use these qualities in their role as facilitator to train others on attitude and attitude.

Experience in the field
What does it take to be a future trainer of How Company? One requirement is that you have followed a training with us so that you know what you are talking about. Your age doesn’t matter to us, but a certain form of life experience is important. You must have experience in the field. This means you have worked in the business world and that the situations the trainees face are recognizable to you. Your experience enables you to stand in front of a group as a human being, instead of as a trainer. The people of How Company are open to listen to participants, willing to challenge them and willing to go the extra mile to create empowerment.

Trainer Academy
Trainer Academy starts with a new group every year. It starts with a selection procedure, which consists of several interviews and a practical exercise. If you are interested? Then we would love to hear from you.

Trainer Jeroen Ogier
We entrust the training of our trainers to Jeroen Ogier. Jeroen has been with How Company since 2009. His drive? Jeroen brings things back to the core, the "why" to inspire people from there and go for their maximum potential. He passes on that drive, in a no-nonsense and practical way, to the trainers he trains.