Our collaborative relationship

Through our joint venture with Procense we offer full-service support in organizational changes involving process improvement, developing learning mindsets, cost-reduction or customer-centeredness. We have successfully completed several joint projects with Procense ensuring the successful implementation of Lean and Agile in a number of organizations. 
We do that by not only teaching the principles to a high professional standard, but by supporting the leaders of the organization to implement effectively in practice.

About our business partners

How Company has been providing change programs for many years that reach further than developing the people and culture in an organization. We also support organizations to improve their processes (Lean), their workload and management processes (Agile), and to embed management ambitions at team and individual level.

Through close collaboration with our partners we are able to ensure our programs are coordinated and complementary so that the change is internalized and owned by the organization so that it lasts. All our partners are not only leaders in their field, but have personally undergone our programs and are familiar with how we work.