Personal Leadership senior HR Professionals (Dutch)

The concept

How Company would like to get in touch with organizations that see employees as the most important asset and who are willing to invest in them. For this purpose, we organize a Personal Leadership training once a year, especially for senior HR professionals who are responsible for developing and training employees.

The concept is based on a win-win for all parties.

  • The senior HR professional can personally experience the power of How Company at a strongly reduced rate (€ 750 instead of € 3,195) and thereby make the transition to their own organization; of course completely without obligation.
  • The senior HR professional works on their own personal leadership during the training and at the same time builds a network with the other participants; also senior HR professionals, from different companies and industries. The maximum group size is 14 people.

The entire proceeds of the training will be donated to charity by the participant group on behalf of How Company, based on a unanimous decision.

The selection process, in which competencies such as persuasiveness, empathy and support are discussed, is part of the training. How Company provides a short list of charitable organizations that are eligible for this donation.

We as How Company get to know new partners and their companies, who also consider developing and training people important and want to invest in this.

Interested in this special training? Please contact Maureen Wijdh at and we will discuss whether we are a match and invite you to this training.

Personal development | Communication | Leadership

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Why is it for you?

In addition to being able to experience for yourself in an accessible way whether How Company is of added value to your organization, you will of course also get something out of it yourself, as a person! After this training you know how to profile yourself better and you can communicate (even) more effectively. In the training you will work with practical, directly applicable communication methods and tools to better facilitate your colleagues and organization in their development. And as mentioned by previous participants, a nice side effect is that you expand your professional network with senior HR professionals from other companies!

Experience for yourself what Personal Leadership can bring to your colleagues and organisation.

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What you will learn
  • Increase in self-confidence
  • Increased enjoyment of one's own work and collaboration with others
  • Experience less work pressure, by being clear about which values ​​are really important to you and how you can translate these into your daily work
  • Insight into where you are holding yourself back and how you can break through that
  • Communicating more effectively by being able to immediately recognize and use Communication Styles, so that your message comes across as you intended, clarifying expectations in general and in a conversation and dealing with disappointments
  • From all the insights you have yourself, better insight into how others function and what they need
What one of our trainer says During the Communication for Excellence program for HR Professionals you will learn to fully utilize your talents and potential. This not only gives your career and job satisfaction a boost, but your organization will also get a hefty dose of new energy. How Company teaches you to enter into dialogue with yourself and others so that you work authentically and decisively. The proceeds of this program go to charity as part of our social responsibility commitment. During the program participants jointly determine which charity the donation goes to.
The approach to build your own personal effectiveness and leadership from your communication is refreshing, innovative and broadens one’s view.
Kee van Doorn, HR Manager, Cono Kaasmakers "The approach to build your own personal effectiveness and leadership from your communication is refreshing, innovative and broadens one’s view."
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Maureen Wijdh Advisor and Relationship Manager Open Programmes
23 September
Monday 23 September, Tuesday 24 September, Wednesday 25 September, Friday 11 October € 1.610,- Excl VAT places available

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Max. group size 14 people, once a year, inspiring location by the sea

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