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Communication for Excellence in English

Communication for Excellence (CFE) is designed for employees, team leaders and managers who want to be able to perform well in demanding environments.


Alessandra Morabito

Alessandra Morabito

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About the program

What is keeping you from achieving what you really want in your life? What is that? What do you stand for? Working the same way but harder is never the solution. Being a leader in your life is about getting clear and going for what really matters to you. In the CFE you will find out what you have been doing that has been hiding your own unique power. What can you do differently so that you express your power and start achieving the results you want for yourself and others?

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For employees, team leaders and managers.


You will discover HOW to use and explore your own talent and potential so that it continues to expand, opening up new results, insights and opportunities in both your professional and personal life. As part of the training you create and start implementing a new action plan for yourself, so that your insights are immediately translated into concrete actions and results both at home and at work.

This training is extremely useful. It gave me lots of insights about myself, what drives me, and how I interact with my environment. And how to translate that into practical lessons and actions for the future.
Boudewijn Beusmans - Chief Legal & Business Affairs Officer, Endemol

What you can expect after the program:

  • You will feel less under pressure
  • Your ability to present, negotiate and create cooperation will improve significantly
  • Both your short-term and long-term effectiveness will be higher
  • You will be alerter and more relaxed under pressure, and more able to handle challenges and turn them into opportunities
  • Your energy, power, optimism and drive will be higher


De Baak Seaside

Koningin Astrid Boulevard 23
2202 BJ Noordwijk aan Zee

+31 (0)71 369 01 00


Program Communication for Excellence (English) €2.855 excl. VAT

Accommodation at de Baak Seaside €675 excl. VAT (2x overnight stay, 3x breakfast, 3x lunch, 2x snack, 3x dinner, 2 drinks at dinner, unlimited coffee/tea)

For more information on receiving a VAT-free invoice please send an email to

Terms and conditions

Prices are valid until December 2018.


  • ≥ 1 month before training no charge for program or accomodation.
  • ≥ 8 days before; 50% of the program fee. 
  • ≤ 8 days before; 100% of the program fee
  • ≤ Cancellation or postponement 1 month before; 100% of the accommodation costs
  • ≤ 24 hours before start of coaching; you will be charged for the session cancelled.

If you need to postpone to a later program within 6 months and you inform us by mail at least 8 days before the start, the first time you postpone will be free of charge. If you cancel after postponing, you will be charged 100% of the program fee.

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