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Personal development

There are so many things we need and want to do, but sometimes we just don’t know how. Working on your own mental fitness contributes enormously to results that are important to you personally or your organization. With How you will develop insightfulness and practical skills that will make life easier and above all more fun. Achieve more with less effort, both at work and at home.

How Company is for you, if you ...

  • are interested in what makes you and others tick
  • feel your environment is running your life and want to be more at the helm
  • want to tackle specific issues you have been running into for some time
  • (as a manager) want to learn how to navigate situations and people better
Ronald Martens, Financial Advisor at Reijn & Partners "Very practical course about different ways of communicating, easier ways of achieving your goals and reducing stress in a safe environment together with likeminded people." Appreciation How Company: 9,4 More reviews

Our open programs

In our open training programs, you will focus on your personal development. Whatever your goals are, you will develop a wiser and clearer way of looking at your own actions and the effect this has on others. You will go home lots of lessons and practical tools to get you started with your personal growth.
Communication for Excellence (Dutch)

Learn how to fully use your potential and talents in a demanding environment.
(duration: 4 days)

Customer rating 9,5
€ 4.160,- Excl. 21% VAT i
What you will learn:
  • The ability to communicate in a solution-oriented way
  • You will experience less (work) pressure
  • You will perform better in the short and long term
  • Faster insight into and action in problem situations and to change these opportunities and possibilities for the future
  • You will be more decisive, and approach your personal goals with more energy
  • Insight into your drives and those of others
Personal development | Communication | Leadership
Follow up programs:
Leadership for Excellence (Dutch)

For (project) managers and senior employees who want to develop their own leadership style and have previously followed Communication for Excellence.
(duration: 4 days)

Customer rating 9,7
€ 4.160,- Excl. 21% VAT i
Personal Development | Communication | Leadership
I-BRAND (Dutch)

I-BRAND teaches you to brand yourself as the person you are rather than what you know, can or do. This way you get the most out of your life.
(duration: 4 days)

Customer rating 9,4
€ 4.160,- Excl. 21% VAT i
Personal development | Communication | Personal branding
New Interaction for Action

Voor leidinggevenden, projectleiders en (Lean)coaches die op een coachende en inspirerende manier leiding willen geven en eerder Communication for Excellence hebben gevolgd. 

Customer rating 9,5

Persoonlijke ontwikkeling | Communicatie | Leiderschap
New Communication for Excellence (English)

Learn how to fully use your potential and talents in a demanding environment.
(duration: 4 days)

Customer rating 10
Personal development | Communication | Leadership
New How Proeverij Experience How Company at its best in just 4 hours. This summer, on July 9th from 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Free of charge!

A short course where your growth and your personal leadership are central.
Customer rating 9,5
Overige programma's
Communicatie Stijlen (Dutch)

For employees who want to achieve results faster by communicating differently and more powerfull.
(duration: 1 day)

Customer rating 8,7
€ 499,- Excl. 21% VAT i
Personal development | Communication | Leadership
Engineers met Impact (Dutch)

Get people moving from your discipline. (2 days of training and 2 times an hour of support at your workplace via Zoom®)

Customer rating 9,3
€ 2.192,- Excl. 21% VAT i
Personal effectiveness | Communication | Cooperation

Effectiever communiceren voor betere samenwerking
(2 x 1 dag)

Customer rating 9,3
€ 1.190,- Excl. 21% VAT i

Communicatie | Samenwerking | Speciale aanbieding

Personal Coaching