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The programme In I-BRAND you get to work with yourself from the basic question, "who am I, what do I stand for and what do I want?". You learn to give shape to the things that really matter to you, regardless of how “it should be.” You start to engage and involve the people in your life who are important to you. It is time to take your future into your own hands and to really distinguish yourself from others. I-BRAND is a training for people who have previously followed Communication for Excellence. Personal development | Communication | Personal branding
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Please note: You first need to have completed the program Communication for Excellence (Dutch) .
Why is it for you? It’s enough of wasting precious time dreaming and over-thinking. Through this program you will learn to radiate what you really find important and to give it form. People will see you as the unique 'you' brand, including the determination that goes with it. Is this useful for me? Checklist
What you will learn
  • Radiate what you stand for in both word and deed
  • Identify where your strength lies and how you can express it
  • Take control over your further growth and take (life) choices into your own hands
  • Take decisions, regardless of what the environment expects or finds
  • Make the difference
What one of our trainer says I-BRAND teaches you to see yourself as a brand and to act accordingly. You learn to distinguish yourself based on who you are as a person and not primarily on what you know, can or do. Only this way will really get the most out of your life.
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Rated with a 9,4 This training is not actually a training, it’s the start of a steadily deepening journey you go on with yourself. Once you follow this course and keep yourself on track, you’ll start to see that achieving your goals and dreams is no longer a pipedream.
Frank Scheepers, Technical Support Engineer, Siemens "This training is not actually a training, it’s the start of a steadily deepening journey you go on with yourself. Once you follow this course and keep yourself on track, you’ll start to see that achieving your goals and dreams is no longer a pipedream."
Appreciation How Company: 9,4 More reviews
Frequently asked questions
There are maximum 15 participants in a I-BRAND training.
As a rule there will be one trainer present. In connection with our internal trainer training it may be that you have an extra trainer.
Our training courses based on open registration take place at de Baak Seaside in Noordwijk. de Baak Seaside has all necessary facilities such as training rooms, restaurant and a hotel.
The price includes both the training and the accommodation package which consists of one overnight stays, breakfast and lunch on all training days (also at the start), two savory snack breaks, two dinners and two drinks at dinner. In addition, unlimited, water, unlimited coffee, tea and / or fresh fruit is available.
Yes, after fully attending the training you will receive a certificate of participation.
We work with an online learning environment: Learningstone. Two weeks before the start of the training you will receive an e-mail from us to log in. This learning environment contains all the information you need to prepare for the program.
Our training days are long, and we finish shortly before dinner at 20:00. Being away from home allows you to have maximum focus on yourself and you will get more out of the training. Most people find it a pleasant and important aspect to the training.
No, unfortunately it is not possible to miss a part or catch up at another time. We count on you to be present every day. Starting later, leaving early or stepping out for part of the day will disrupt the group process as well as your own. We advise you to register for another date.
No, not for this program. For some professional groups it is mandatory to meet professional competence requirements. How Company has been recognized as a PE institution for the Communication for Excellence and Leadership for Excellence programs by the Royal Dutch Organization of Accountants (NBA)
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Maureen Wijdh Advisor and Relationship Manager Open Programmes
03 June
Monday 03 June, Tuesday 04 June, Friday 21 June, Friday 05 July € 4.160,- Excl VAT places available
04 November
Monday 04 November, Tuesday 05 November, Friday 22 November, Friday 06 December € 4.160,- Excl VAT places available

Max. group size 14 people, multiple start dates, inspiring location by the sea

Price includes:

  • 1x overnight stay,
  • 4x breakfast,
  • 4x lunch,
  • 2x snack,
  • 3x dinner,
  • 2 drinks at dinner,
  • unlimited coffee / tea / fresh fruit
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Location: De Baak Seaside Kon. Astrid Boulevard 23
2202 BJ Noordwijk aan Zee

+31 (0)71 369 01 00