Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Different leaders, different organizations, but often the same problems. Talking with 'peers' helps, but usually doesn’t have the effect talking to an experienced coach does. Someone who knows the ins and outs and who knows how to put things in perspective by means of a number of pragmatic conversations.
Why is it for you? Often we are insufficiently in contact with ourselves. Understanding yourself better under stressful or hectic situations helps your further development. How people react to you and you to them. Take a helicopter view of what is actually happening instead of being lived by the circumstances. Is this useful for me? Checklist
What you will learn
  • How you ended up in your current reality and how you deal with it
  • To look at your own reality from a different perspective
  • Which restrictive thoughts are holding you back
  • Insight into the dynamics of your organization
Frequently asked questions
We determine that together, depending on the specific question you have. We don’t encourage endless coaching tracks: together we set a concrete goal and determine how long is necessary.
A practical approach based on what you encounter and what you want to achieve, your own practice and how you experience your work environment. It is not about who is responsible for what. It's about solutions.
Senior managers higher up in organizations who want to reflect or just need to talk about career or organizational issues. Also people who have reached a certain stage in their lives and have a need to talk about life issues.
People come away with more clarity and focus on what is important for them in their life. They are able to react appropriately at moments that are important for them, and they feel more harmonious. Meanwhile they are aware of their own quirks and those of other people.