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Nobody has to tell you anything, at least not when it comes to your field. What is difficult for others to understand is a piece of cake for you. And of course you want to collaborate, but how do you get the people you work with to take action?

In this training you will learn how to convey your message as an engineer in such way that the people you work with understand it. Because you communicate expectations clearly and directly, you create collaboration that focuses on solutions.

"As engineers, we can show ourselves much more." 

Personal effectiveness | Communication | Cooperation
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Why is it for you? Many technical specialists run into misunderstandings or unwillingness. It seems like they just don't want to understand you. Do you recognize yourself in this? Then this two-day training 'Engineers with Impact' is for you. The programme has been specially developed for specialists who want to achieve better cooperation through effective communication. The training not only gives you more insight into your own way of communicating, but also into that of others. You can get started right away with the results. Is this useful for me? Checklist
What you will learn
  • The answer to the question: "What does it take to work well together?"
  • Applying practical tools that immediately make a difference, for you and your environment
  • Directly influence your environment for better collaboration
  • Creating a partnership, where this previously seemed difficult
  • You expand your skills with directly applicable 'power skills'
What one of our trainer says Irritations and misunderstandings can quickly arise when people work together. Knowing exactly what good collaboration means and what it takes, leads to less irritation, more clarity, better coordination of ideas, faster decision making and easier achieving your goals. This way you create more impact for yourself and your environment.
Rated with a 9,3 "Used the training to learn my way of communicating and how others experience it, you then learn to understand why other people communicate in a different way. This provides good tools to manage situations that are difficult or difficult"
Hans Mulderij, Aannemingsbedrijf Draisma ""Used the training to learn my way of communicating and how others experience it, you then learn to understand why other people communicate in a different way. This provides good tools to manage situations that are difficult or difficult""
Appreciation How Company: 9,3 More reviews
Frequently asked questions
There are maximum 14 participants in an Engineers with Impact training.
In principle, the programme is given by one trainer. But in connection with our internal Trainer Academy, a second trainer may be present.
The price includes both the training and the accommodation package which consists of one overnight stay, breakfast and lunch on all training days (also at the start), one savory snack breaks, two dinners and two drinks at dinner. In addition, unlimited water, coffee, tea and / or fresh fruit is available.
Yes, after fully attending the training you will receive a certificate of participation.
We work with an online learning environment: Learningstone. Two weeks before the start of the training you will receive an e-mail from us to log in. This learning environment contains all the information you need to prepare for the programme.
Our training days are long, and we finish shortly before dinner at 20:00. Being away from home allows you to have maximum focus on yourself and you will get more out of the training. Most people find it a pleasant and important aspect to the training.
No, unfortunately it is not possible to miss a part or catch up at another time. We count on you to be present every day. Starting later, leaving early or stepping out for part of the day will disrupt the group process as well as your own. We advise you to register for another date.
This training consists of 2 days on location including overnight stay and 2 coaching conversations of one hour via Zoom® (22 hours total teaching hours). The time investment is approximately 1 hour of self-study during the entire training.
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Maureen Wijdh Advisor and Relationship Manager Open Programmes
07 October
Monday 07 October, Tuesday 08 October € 2.192,50 Excl VAT places available

Max. group size 14 people, multiple start dates

Price includes :
• 1x overnight stay,
• 2x breakfast,
• 2x lunch,
• 1x snack,
• 2x dinner,
• 2 drinks at dinner,
• unlimited coffee / tea / fresh fruit

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