We are happy to tell you about what we do and how that impacts professional and private lives, but our clients can do that much better than we can. This is what some of the organizations we have worked with say about us:


The openness that this created has made it clear to everyone that we are all working towards the goal, and that we can address each other about whatever issues need discussing. It’s a real relief. Read more »
Evelien Westra, HR Manager, Tanis
The atmosphere in How Company workshops always feels safe, so participants feel comfortable to open up to whatever they can learn. Read more »
René van Hees, Chief Software Engineer, Thales
How Company helps companies to discover hidden potential in each of its team members, to get that potential out into the open and to put it to best use. Read more »
Jorien Vermeer-Heemskerk, HR Officer, Banijay Benelux
They are an adequate partner to create a new form of leadership due to their professionalism and drive. Read more »
Katrin Muff, Decaan, Business School Lausanne
When one of my people comes back to the office after the Communication for Excellence, this gives a lot of energy and pulls our organization further forward. Read more »
René van Amersfoort, Director, vABC
I would advise anyone looking to create a lasting change in the attitudes of people to run a program like this. Read more »
Edwin Verlangen, Director AAFM, Avans College of Higher Education
The key to success is investing in people. Fifty percent of a student’s success is determined by the quality of the teacher. Good teamwork and communication are essential for a teacher to get the support he needs. Read more »
Antoine Wintels, Chairman of the Board, Summa College
We were used to managers determining everything, but I wanted a company driven by the employees. That shift has now been made. As director it has not only made things less lonely, but much more fun, and it generates better results. Read more »
Roel van Dijk, CEO, ANVA
The process of working out, discussing and agreeing on an identity we all stood behind created commitment within the management team. What is more, it also created clarity and focus for the rest of the organization. Read more »
Patricia Surendonk, CEO, Burg Group
What How Company is able to do like no other, is get to the core of the organization and put their finger on what is stuck. Their method and tools offered our people a clear route forward. Read more »
Herman Zondag, COO, AFAS Software
If you are serious about investing in people and encouraging them to grow, then the How Company programs are a great way of making it happen. Real added value for leaders and professionals. Read more »
Ryanne Blaauw, HR Specialist, Jacobs Douwe Egberts
With their drive, commitment and assertiveness, How Company has helped us take a significant step in the challenging world of charities. Read more »
Peter Douwes, Director, Make-A-Wish Nederland

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