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The power of How Company
  • Very experienced and involved trainers
  • Ability to create simplicity in complex situations
  • Practical application of life-skills in order to achieve results
  • Personal and human approach
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Jeroen Siedenburg
Managing Partner
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Teamleider HagaZiekenhuis "De training Interaction for Action heeft me vooral bewust gemaakt van het feit dat ik aan het roer moet staan als ik veranderingen wil doorvoeren in mijn team. Dit houdt in mijn focus te houden op mijn doelen en hierin de regie te pakken." Appreciation How Company: 9,4 More reviews

Communication for Excellence (Dutch)

Learn how to fully use your potential and talents in a demanding environment.
(duration: 4 days)

What you will learn:
  • The ability to communicate in a solution-oriented way
  • You will experience less (work) pressure
  • You will perform better in the short and long term
  • Faster insight into and action in problem situations and to change these opportunities and possibilities for the future
  • You will be more decisive, and approach your personal goals with more energy
  • Insight into your drives and those of others
Personal development | Communication | Leadership
Follow up programs:
Leadership for Excellence (Dutch)

For (project) managers and senior employees who want to develop their own leadership style and have previously followed Communication for Excellence.
(duration: 4 days)

Personal Development | Communication | Leadership
I-BRAND (Dutch)

I-BRAND teaches you to brand yourself as the person you are rather than what you know, can or do. This way you get the most out of your life.
(duration: 4 days)

Personal development | Communication | Personal branding
Overige programma's
Communicatie Stijlen (Dutch)

For employees who want to achieve results faster by communicating differently and more powerfull.
(duration: 1 day)

Personal development | Communication | Leadership

Effectiever communiceren voor betere samenwerking
(2 x 1 dag)

Communicatie | Samenwerking | Speciale aanbieding

Personal Coaching
Executive Coaching For directors and senior managers who want to put things in perspective for themselves and want to be better able to deal with their own uncertainties.
Change your team / organization structuraly?
You have your chosen direction clear, but how are you going to realize this in practice? No matter what your organization does, it is always the people that make the difference. Organizations change when its people are strong and resourceful. How Company helps build that attitude.
Team or organization development