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How we can help in organizations Achieve goals faster, continue to grow, develop and change. At How Company we see time and time again that working harder is not the solution, but usually the problem. In order to create any sustainable change the primary focus should not be on behavior, but rather on attitude.
Themes You have your chosen direction clear, but how are you going to realize this in practice? No matter what your organization does, it is always the people that make the difference. Organizations change when its people are strong and resourceful. How Company helps build that attitude.
Themes You have your chosen direction clear, but how are you going to realize this in practice? No matter what your organization does, it is always the people that make the difference. Organizations change when its people are strong and resourceful. How Company helps build that attitude.
Personal leadership
For most of us the demands of work increasingly mean we have to respond faster and better. Time for reflection (personally and within your team) and self-development feels like an indulgence, while working harder seems the only option. To be able to tackle challenges properly, more rather than less attention is needed for employees and culture in your organization, so that people get the best out of themselves and each other. Do your people have the right skills to do that? Because stepping out of the comfort zone is easier said than done. It requires courage, the ability to put things into perspective and awareness of their own quirks and those of others. With practical life skills we enable and inspire people to step up and handle the challenges facing them. And, while secondary issues too often take up a disproportionate amount of time, the important issues start to get the attention they deserve.
Getting to know each other and pulling together. Achieving more with less effort, steady growth, good atmosphere and good energy. It’s within reach.
Working with positive energy in a different way.
  • Constructive teamwork
  • Everyone speaks the same language
  • Insight into yourself and others, building a strong team
  • Strongly improved results that get you wanting more
A lot of managers want to learn to empower others rather than pulling the cart themselves. Reading books doesn’t help much, because shaping your own leadership in an authentic way is a process of getting to know yourself rather than learning tips and tricks. Todays employees look for authenticity, exemplary behavior, clarity, support and inspiration from their management team, but in practice they often encounter KPIs, deadlines, work pressure and lengthy meetings on topics that keep coming back. Are you as a manager doing work that motivates you? Management is sometimes seen as a burden because managers themselves don’t know how to break through impasses and clear up hassle in teams.
  • The results are more important than the effort
  • Tailor-made programs based on proven methodologies
  • Sectors and organizations are different, people are not
'You only see it when you get it…'.
Communication is one of the main reasons things go wrong and cause problems between employees or with customers. What people usually remember is not so much WHAT was said, but HOW it was said. And the result is too often wasted time and energy and irritation. But is it reasonable to expect people to be flexible when they don’t understand what is going on? Different communication styles, differences in expectations, giving and receiving feedback, these are part and parcel of daily work. Ask people 'who can communicate here?”And the majority will raise their hand. But where it goes wrong in practice is that we do not pay enough attention to what communication really means in daily life. Often because we are working hard. Few people have ever received targeted communication techniques.
How Company offers training programmed that enable teams and organizations to work together in a different way very quickly. Participants learn to be less distracted by misinterpretation or misunderstandings and get to the real issues quickly. Our tools relate to real life in a recognizable way, and are directly applicable. When you know how it works it is really fun. Enter into dialogue with yourself and others.
  • Engage in real dialogue with yourself and others
  • Communicate and act effectively and solution-oriented
  • Knowing what matters and being an example of this to others
  • See the human being behind your conversation partners
Team development
A team is only ever as successful as its members. There needs to be alignment around common goals, which requires attention and active maintenance. Despite the fact that we see our colleagues more than our life partner and children during the day, people in the workplace often know each other only superficially. To excel as a team, the foundation should be strong: it helps if we know what motivates our colleagues and what we can rely on them for. Self-management, cooperation towards common goals and creating the right energy are hot topics these days. A deeper mastery of communication skills to create cooperation are an essential part of this, including how to increase safety, self-reflection, responsibility, and how to give and receive feedback. Once you speak the same language, there is more time for content and less energy and time is lost on preconditions.
  • Create positive energy
  • From colleague to fellow human being
  • Synergy in the team
  • Teambuilding and team maintenance
Organizational change
Issues like competition, social and economic change, internationalization and a flatter organizational structure are putting more and more pressure on the organization and the people who work there. How do you deal with this as management? How do you as an MT ensure that the organization becomes and remains more agile? What do people need to be able to structurally manage changes in a mentally healthy way? How Company familiarize themselves with the practice and reality of specific organizations to help them to translate chosen strategies (WHAT) into day-to-day practice (HOW). This can cover everything from the content of the mission, vision and core values, to long-term objectives and communication. We also support the application of Lean and Agile by handling the human-related aspects and challenges these methods sometimes bring. We look at how involvement and desired behavior of employees can be developed.
We look at how the involvement and desired behavior of employees can be developed. 
  • Get out of the comfort zone
  • Empower employees to be able to cope in this age
  • Inspire employees with clarity and direction
  • Translating the knowledge and experience of the organization into daily decisiveness
  • Facilitating culture change by engaging the entire organization
Lean and Agile
Many organizations use Lean and Agile methodologies to get their teams to function differently, the focus being primarily on process improvements, continuous learning, cost reduction, putting customer first and other ways of increasing efficiency. How Company offers training courses in partnership with experienced and certified Lean and Agile professionals to enhance these process improvements. Content and process are handled in the context of humanness, so you don’t lose sight of the people and teams driving the processes.
  • Process is important, but people are central
  • Specialist approach
  • Teamwork makes the difference
Custom made programs
At How Company we apply specific methods and materials that have proven themselves in practice in dozens of organizations. However, every organization has its own problems and deserves its own approach. We cast these proven methods into a form that fits the practice of each specific partner. Depending on company culture, sector, level and desired end result, we look at how the wanted result can be achieved as fast as possible in a way that is also sustainable. We like to commit ourselves to the end result in order to be able to test our own added value in the process.
  • Let everyone come into his or her own and work towards a decisive organization
  • We put the attention back on the people, the culture of the organization
  • Out of the comfort zone! If you start to understand yourself better, there is more space to listen to others
  • Tailor-made company training courses, but also long-term improvement processes
Taking the time for some internal focus to significantly increase external decisiveness. Major problems often turn out to be misunderstandings. Let everyone in your team or organization speak the same language again. The same basis, a shared focus, the same tools bound by a common interest. It is possible, even in a short time. Taking the leap together in order to come out stronger than ever, be able to look each other in the eye, clear on what really matters and what connects you all. It could be at the team level to give business an extra boost, or with the entire organization to realize a culture change supported by the whole organization. A common starting point that inspires people and creates results in the organization.
  • Get out of the comfort zone
  • Get people aligned and speaking the same language
  • More time for external focus, less internal hassle
  • Improve yourself and everything around you
  • Strong change programs, including in partnership with other agencies
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