Our vision

Values, human potential and your organization’s ambition
What we do at How Company is take your organization’s ambition, take basic human values, take the human potential in your organization, and integrate them so they are visible in the day-to-day attitudes and behaviors.

At How Company it’s all about the individual human being, because it’s individuals and the way they behave who make a difference. In our programs you will learn how to motivate yourself and other people through the way you communicate, and the way you deal with the human aspect we all have. Very few of us are taught the basic life skills of how to work optimally with someone, how to have leadership over our own life and how to be a leader other people want to follow. Most of us learn the hard way, by falling down and getting up again and simply reacting to our environment. In our programs you will learn and internalize all you need to know to be able to communicate skillfully and wisely the moment you leave the training. These will be tools you can use in both your professional and personal life.

Everyone has the right to experience their full potential
A lot of people are searching to fulfill their potential, wondering how they want to spend their lives and how to fill their time. We often get stuck in this search when we hit disappointments or get caught up in circumstances beyond our control. But it’s above all our thinking that get us stuck. When our development stops for whatever reason it nearly always has a negative impact on our environment, and in the end on society. Not finding our element is something that influences other people.
In order to fulfill your potential you need to know how you think and communicate. Only when you are aware of your own stories and are able to self reflect are you able to communicate well with others. Maybe this sounds like basic skills, but we have never been taught this. How company is happy to help you with the further development of your life skills and other skills with which you can raise your personal effectiveness to a much higher level. Realize what you really find important, with less effort. Improve yourself and everything around you.

Assertive and authentic
How Company works assertively and authentically. We ask questions that ensure that people reflect. Together with you we explore what you need to perform optimally. We do that from the heart. We stand in front of the group as a human being, not as a trainer. By working with both attitude and behavior, we not only get people to think beyond barriers, but act beyond barriers. If you prefer to stay in your comfort zone How Company is not for you. We challenge everyone to go beyond the mediocre and 'the familiar'.

Why do we do what we do? With our determination to shape personal growth within organizations, we contribute to a more resilient society. The world is asking for this now. We also see that teams operate better when there is attention for personal growth of people. That’s why we look at the individual, the team and the leadership of the organization.

Our core values
The five core values we are committed to

Honesty: Seeing feedback is a means to grow

Partnership: Contributing our strength and experience to mutual relationships

Responsibility: We do what we promise

Professionalism: Our reputation shines through everything we do

Assertive: We challenge people to act out of their comfort zone