Our people

Our people

Office Employee
Wilma Almeida
Office Employee
Since the summer of 2017, I work at How Company as an office employee. In the past, I worked for a long time in the financial sector as a service desk employee and non-life insurance employee. Also in the travel industry, I gained a lot of experience in customer contact, service and organizational ability. At How Company, I have regular contact with the trainers and I support them to have the right material for their training so that they can provide the participants a nice experience.

In this job, planning and organizing is a challenge that I am very pleased with. I like to be among people and have the drive to help others.

In August 2017 I followed one of our programs: Communication for Excellence. That was a unique and special experience. It gave me more insight into how we are as human beings, both business and private, and how we can make life a lot easier and more efficient. I'm proud to be a part of this warm team at the office that feels like home.
Irene Hendriksen
Since 2007 I have been working at How Company and doing the financial administration for our organization.
Behind the scenes I am like a spider in the web and take care of all the financial and administrative processes. Working accurate as well as fulfill the financial agreements are very important for me to keep the quality of our organization at a high level.

How Company is a company where people are allowed to be themselves. We are a close team of people who really care for each other which creates a pleasant and fun environment.

In the past I have worked with various organizations at financial departments, such as insurance companies and banks. Together with my husband, Herman, I have two adult children.
Manager Open Programs
Marion Anneveld
Manager Open Programs
Managing Partner
Jeroen Siedenburg
Managing Partner
"I have been a proud member of How Company since 2005. I spent 10 years working for various organizations including ABN AMRO and Libertel (now Vodafone), I witnessed the rise and fall of the internet bubble around 2000, and was General Director of a medium sized technical production company. During this period in my career it became clear to me that at the end of the day what really makes the difference in any company is its people.

KPIs are important of course, but only with a people-oriented approach can you strike the balance between the KPIs and the culture of an organization.

Organizations that get this balance right are able to go for their Excellence and achieve the maximum possible.

I live in Amsterdam IJburg, have 3 children and besides my passion for How Company, I also have a great passion for water sports, running, Ajax and consume a Belgian beer with a bitterbal."
Erica Bischoff

"Throughout my years at ING it’s always been the human side that has interested me. I saw how important it is both in working with customers in and outside of the Netherlands, and in building teams and supporting young talented professionals in their development.
I came into contact with How at the end of 2014 and that made such an impact on me that I took the leap to join How Company’s train the trainer program.

I have always been passionate about supporting people and teams to grow. My motto is “create leaders not followers.” Look at what is possible, and go for it!

Why did How stand out for me? It was their genuine interest in people and what motivates them. Combined with the fact that I felt I could totally trust them. The humour and positivity were also pretty crucial.

I was born and raised in Amsterdam and a big fan of Ajax. Together with my husband and two studying children I love traveling, going out for dinner and concerts. The ideal Sunday is enjoying an inspiring book and a glass of wine by the fireplace together with my family."

Erwin van Oss

"The past few years I have been lucky enough to have worked with a lot of people in industrial and education organisations, some of the time as manager and some of the time as management consultant. If this has taught me one thing it is that the people in any organisation are the key to its success. And also that things don’t automatically run smoothly.

It was in 2013, when I took part in a How Company programme, that I experienced how powerful their trainings are. I saw how things could be done differently, what motivates people and how you can get them to handle situations from an attitude of personal responsibility.
I started to play with the tools and found out that I was able to get people to see how they could achieve more without working harder.

I’ve been working together with How Company since 2017. I am passionate about empowering people to get the most out of themselves, it gives me energy."

Cor van der Sluis
In the rush of our daily lives few of us take time to reflect on how we are developing as human beings. In corporate life the focus is usually on performing more and better, and the goals we set ourselves are usually business-related. The mistake we make is that we forget that it takes human qualities to achieve these goals.

My experience as manager (ING and Sogeti, among others) has taught me one thing in particular: it’s only possible to increase your results by working on your own personal development. Once people discover their power and drive, the improvements in performance follow automatically.

What makes How Company special in my eyes is that we approach performance from both the professional and personal angle. Our trainings are challenging, confronting, but above all practical. From my role as both individual coach and trainer it is a privilege to work with others who, like me, want to develop themselves to become they best person they can be
Pauline Martinovic

A career in first education then in the fire brigade has shown me how important it has been to keep developing myself personally. It has helped me hugely both in my work and at home. And what is finer than to pass on that experience and support others? This has become a way of life for me.

I hope to enable others to create the space for themselves and others to grow whatever their organization or position.

The How Company approach is very effective at getting people to stand firmly on their own feet. We do what is necessary for each participant to become aware of how they are holding themselves back, and they get practical tools to go for what they really want both at home and at work.

Erik Bannenberg
I’m trained as a journalist and filmmaker and have been working with How Company for 10 years. During this time I have been able to look behind the scenes in lots of organizations, and what has struck me time and again is how often people with talent, skills and passion set goals that they don’t achieve.

What we do at How is about supporting people – including a large number of teachers - to get the best out of themselves. These teachers then pass on what they learned to their students - by talking about it, but above all by BEING it. I believe firmly that if everyone strives to get the best out of themselves, that we’re on our way to a healthier society. My aim is to play a role in this process.

In my own life I noticed at one point that my way of managing and working with others didn’t always work. It was around this time that I came into contact with Edwin Vreedeveld, who was setting up a personal development program for the business world. The program taught me a great deal about myself, and it was great to see how others were just as inspired as me to start approaching things in their life in a different way. My decision to switch careers was the start of a long and fruitful collaboration in which I have specialized in the programs for education.
Janine Duyff
"Over the years I have worked in many organizations as manager, advisor and consultant health and occupation, and it has always fascinated me how often, despite the best intentions, people end up achieving less than they had hoped.

I am convinced that once people really start getting the best out of themselves, that it is not only good for themselves and their environment, but that it creates enjoyment, fulfillment and growth. This conviction is what makes me do what I do, and love doing it.

The greatest reward is to see people starting to believe in themselves and start making a difference in their own lives. I joined How Company in 2007 and focus on leadership, team culture and personal growth. What I find so special about How is that, besides supporting individuals and companies to grow, that we absolutely practice what we preach. We’ve been there. We know from experience what we are talking about.

Together with my husband we live in Amstelveen. I like to dance the salsa and the tango, love good food and I enjoy my cousins and nieces. I like my work and I this pleases me."
Jeroen Ogier
After a short spell working for my parents’ family business, I joined the police force where I staid for eight years before moving to a large charity. It was a hard world in which commitment to achieve ambitious goals got more priority than developing people.

A key moment for me came in 2005 when I took a How Company program and experienced what it is when people are encouraged to show up. The energy in a team is completely different when people are motivated by their own drive.

That was the moment I decided to join the How Company trainership track. I discovered it was a challenging path in which learning skills was only a part; I was required to find and show my leadership, which has significantly changed my life and how I live it. I try to be an example for others, which is what I believe leadership is about. That is what I hope to give to participants in the trainings I give.

An environment that is formed by, among others, my wife Linda and our three children (and a son-in-law) that we enjoy together. My passion is sailing with our sloop, with the family, with friends and also alone. I completely relax on the water. Together with a good glass of Trappist beer, my day is complete."
Partner & Trainer
Edwin Vreedeveld
Partner & Trainer

Before I started How Company in 2003 I worked for BP and Randstad in sales, marketing and general management. A recurring theme in my (international) career has been leading change processes, from strategy through to implementation.

I am specialized in culture change, leadership, teamwork and personal growth in both multinationals and SMEs, non-profit and top sport organizations.

Helping people to see we can achieve so much more with far less effort by changing how we look at situations and developments. This is what drives me, and will continue to do so.

I would describe myself as an entrepreneur of life: the many burns and life lessons I have collected on the way have made me passionately driven to partner with others to improve things.Many of my insights on this subject are in my book “Liever een Blije Eikel” (2013).

I am father of 2 young children who keep me young and sharp. I love Italian food, as well as 'the wine' from Italy. But also the blond Belgian beer now and then must not be missed. I can be found regularly at the stand of the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam."